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Uvari is fishing village situated at shore of way of Bengal at Tirunelveli district, Tamilnadu, South India. This village is located just about 70 kms south from Tirunelveli, 50 kms east from Nagercoil and 100 kms west from Tuticorin. readmore

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  • Anitha from USA
    Sent: 13-01-2012
    My daughter was crying like anything I don't know what to do. it was like 2.30 am in night. Somehow I got Uvari St. Antony link. I prayed to St. Antony with my whole heart. Miracle after half an hour she stopped crying and sleeps peacefully. Even next day also she slept peacefully.
    Many good things happen in my life because of gods grace
    Thanks to my dear St. Antony and dear Jesus Christ.
  • Meritta Thomas from Chennai Sent:

    For my childhood, my mother told me to pray to St. Antony’s but I told no, he is just a saint only, I will pray to my Jesus alone. So, I don’t know the fruit for St. Antony. In my marriage life, I faced a lot of problems; my husband is not getting proper income & so many financial issues. Finally I go to St. Antony church and put my full faith to him, I realized that my life is changing, my husband got a better offer and I feel the fruits from him. Trust him blindly; he will give a good life.
  • Anto Xavier from Port-au-Prince
    Sent: 28-09-2011

    I am from Mecode, kaliakkavilai. I used visit to UVARI St. Antony's church because St Antony save my father life. In my whole my life I will visit Uvari St. Antony's church, this is my promise with him.
    Also I love the mass in in-front-of (outside) of the church every year last day of 'Thiruvizha'.
    Thanks to St. Antony. Please save us and give us daily bread and keep away us from sickness.
St. Antony's Church